Communicating Within The Club

On joining NOTL Newcomers Club, members are asked to provide their name, street address, phone number and email address.

This information is collected for two purposes:

  1. To maintain a directory of members, allowing us to deliver the monthly Newcomers Club Newsletter to you, and to contact you regarding other matters related to the Club or your membership.
  2. To make members’ information available to other NOTL Newcomers Club members to facilitate contacts and friendships within the community, which is in keeping with one of the Club’s main purposes.

The collected information is available to our membership only, and will not be distributed outside the organization, and will not be used by anyone for contacting members regarding anything other than NOTL Newcomers Club matters.

Photos, Videos and Website

Members are also asked to permit the Club to use photos and video footage in which they may be shown, in Club publications, illustrations and the like. Only first names are used in captions or tags of images, and names are not included in website captions.

Membership Directory, Newsletters and Other Communications

The Membership Directory and monthly Newsletter are only circulated among the NOTL Newcomers Club membership. The software used to circulate the Newsletter and email to the general membership is governed by Canadian privacy laws, and requires us to have your permission to contact you. The membership form provides the opportunity to grant or withhold permission to share you contact details with members.

Advertisements and Promotions

NOTL Newcomers does not accept advertisements or any other form of promotion or announcement from other organizations, businesses or individuals.

We do not share the information in the Directory with anyone who is not a member of the Club, and we will not use the information in the Directory to contact members about matters that are not related to Club activities.

In the Newsletter we do not include advertisements, notices or other promotions for commercial/charitable/social events, services or opportunities that are not related to Club activities. 


On joining the NOTL Newcomers Club, you sign a Waiver which includes your commitment to protecting the privacy of fellow-members. You agree:

  • NOT to share information in the Membership Directory with anyone who is not a NOTL Newcomers Club member
  • NOT to use the Membership Directory for any commercial or sales purposes.

Examples of this limitation include:

  • You may not use the information in the Directory to create contact lists for contacting members about commercial/charitable/fundraising/social events, services or opportunities.
  • You may not pass on the names and/or contact details of individuals listed in the Directory to anyone who is not a member of NOTL Newcomers Club.