We kindly ask that members please be 'Scent Aware' and refrain from wearing scented products when attending any NOTL Newcomers Events.
For some people, perfumes and scents may cause serious health reactions.  Thank you for your adherence to this request.

Please note, the Community Centre is a Scent Aware facility. 


Save the Dates 2018
Monthly Meetings Coffee & Conversation (C&C)
(Third Wednesday of the month, except Dec) (Last Friday of the month, unless it is a holiday weekend)
  • Mar 21
  • Apr 18
  • May 16
  • Jun 20
  • Mar 23 - Note one week early due to Easter
  • Apr 27
  • May 25
  • Jun 22

SAVE THE DATES:  Mark your calendar for these upcoming activities:  

  • March 21 - Willowbank & Riverbrink Art Museum
  • March 23 - Coffee & Conversation, 9:30 - Community Centre, NOTL
  • April 6 - The Whisky Bartender: Cocktails 101
  • April 18 - Uniquely Roses  - A visit to Palatine Roses 
  • April 27 - Coffee & Conversation, 9:30 - Community Centre, NOTL

All event details below

March Monthly Meeting

Date: Wednesday, March 21

Time: 1:30 at Willlowbank

Location:  Willowbank & Riverbrink Art Museum

Cost: $20

Willowbank & Riverbrink  - the two town jewels of Queenston

A tour of the beautiful Willowbank building, focusing on the history of the site, the architecture & contemporary use as a school for the restoration arts will be followed by a one hour tour & talk given by the director of Riverbrink Art Museum. Refreshments will be offered, and the chance to visit the lovely gift shop and perhaps become a member.

Tickets will be available at the February Coffee & Conversation, and by contacting Helen Albright.

Don't delay... Only 30 newcomers can be accommodated for this event.
1:30 at Willowbank, for a tour and presentation, to be followed at 3:00 by a tour & discussion of a new art exhibit at Riverbrink, accompanied by refreshments. 

Learn more about Willowbank

Learn more about Riverbrink Art Museum

Contact Helen for tickets or questions.   289-868-8957


Date:  Friday,  March 23 - Note one week early due to Easter

Time: 9:30

Location:  Simpson Room, NOTL Community Centre

Coffee and Conversations (C & C) is always the last Friday of the month. 
C & C is our 'TICKET OFFICE' where you can:

  • Purchase tickets for The Whisky Bartender: Cocktails 101 (April 6 event)
  • Purchase tickets for Nuts and Roses (April 18 meeting)
  • Meet new friends and network

We thank Sweets & Swirls Cafe who help provide us with coffee and snacks for purchase


Date: Friday, April 6

Time: 1 pm 

Location:  Wayne Gretzky Estates  

Cost: $33

Get in on the cocktail culture with a 45-minute interactive experience hosted by our best bartenders. Featuring insider tips on how to create the ultimate whisky cocktail, guests will sharpen their bartending skills while learning the basics of preparing garnishes, simple syrups, shaking and muddling.

After they are guided through the step-by-step process of creating their own whisky cocktail, guests enjoy their “All Star Creations”.

Tickets available at coming meetings. 
Contact Sue Livesey 
(647) 920-7094

Visit Wayne Gretzky Estates

April Monthly Meeting

Date: Wednesday, April 18

Time: 2:00 -4:00

Location: Palatine Roses, 2108 Four Mile Creek Road, RR# 3, NOTL  

Cost: $10

UNIQUELY ROSES... Join us for a talk about choosing the right rose for your garden/balcony/terrace/pot to be followed by refreshments and then a further in-depth discussion on the planting,  care & pruning of roses of all types. 

This is your opportunity to talk to professionals with the knowledge & experience to help lead you down the garden path to the perfect rose!

Maximum of 20 participants, so sign up ASAP for the chance to get the low-down on the Queen of the Flowers...

Tickets available at Coffee & Conversation and March meetings.

Contact Helen for tickets or questions.   289-868-8957

Learn more about Palatine Roses


Date:  Friday,  April 27 

Time: 9:30

Location:  Simpson Room, NOTL Community Centre

Coffee and Conversations (C & C) is always the last Friday of the month. 
C & C is our 'TICKET OFFICE' where you can purchase tickets for coming events.

  • Meet new friends and network

We thank Sweets & Swirls Cafe who help provide us with coffee and snacks for purchase

Past Events this Year

Take a look below at some of the recent events NOTL Newcomers have enjoyed, and get a feel for the range of activities and opportunities to socialize with other NOTL women that Newcomers offers. If you're attending a Newcomers program or Interest Group, why not take some photos of the event - and the location - for our website and newsletter? Contact info@notlnewcomers.com for information on how to send photos to the editor.

February Monthly Meeting

The backstage to front row tour at the Shaw Festival Theatre was a fascinating eye opener. The inner workings behind & beneath the famous festival stage introduced our members to the many highly talented specialists who have the skills & expertise to weave such magic when the curtains finally rise. Live theatre, three dimensional theatre, cannot be rivaled for intimacy & immediacy, and our tour highlighted how & why this is so. The knowledge & enthusiasm of our guides were infectious, and their invitation to join the Shaw Guild did not fall on deaf ears!

Our tour was followed by a talk given by Laura Hughes, the Communications Director, highlighting the challenges in reaching potential audiences in the face of fast paced changes in the online world of communications. It was most illuminating.

January Monthly Meeting

A small but enthusiastic cohort of adventurous Newcomers gathered together on a cold January day at the EXchange, on Queen Street, to explore the brave new world of craft beer partnered with compatible cheeses.

The guided tour of the brewery was informative, and the talk by our host highly engaging. Everyone had questions, and even the non beer drinkers became willing converts. Quite a coup in wine country!

December Monthly Meeting

The highly anticipated Annual Holiday Luncheon, this year for the first time at the new Rooted Restaurant on the beautiful Niagara Parkway, was a great success. 150 Newcomers came together over good food & great local wines to celebrate the season. It was a gorgeous venue for a winter festivity, and the hall was filled with the animated conversation & laughter of new friendships in the making.

November Monthly Meeting

Our annual Community Awareness Event in November, which was well attended, introduced our members to the exceptionally wide range of organizations & institutions dedicated to the betterment/well-being of the community. Actively involved in everything from Art, Entertainment, History & Education, to Health and needs of Migrant Labour, each group represented offered insight into the care & concern, and enthusiasm, that make NOTL such a special place to live. Opportunities for newcomers to become involved were promoted at each display, and many members became volunteers that day.

October Special Event - Words & Wisdom 

Do you remember when the community library was the place where you would just go to borrow books? Those days are over. Today the NOTL Public Library is a vital and evolving meeting place and a resource for the community. 
Cathy Simpson, Chief Librarian walked us through the growth of our library and the resources available to community members. 
In the second half of the session members were introduced to the labyrinth, its history and symbolic importance.  Thanks to all who attended. 


Niagara Historical Society Museum 
The Architecture of Nostalgia & Hope: Imitation & Innovation

Brian Marshall's talk on the Architecture of Nostalgia & Hope, focusing on the historical styles of NOTL, was a great success. The NOTL Museum was the perfect location and Chef Stacie Royd's pastries & cider the perfect accompaniment. Brian gave us a deeper understanding and a new appreciation of our historic town. Watch for his website, and take advantage of the this resource he has prepared for those who may wish to study the delightful details of homes typical of each era.